Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Breaking the Silence

Sorry it's been a while since my last post here (Steve G. thanks for the note yesterday...reminded me I needed to get this going again.) I plan on using this more for any news or events announcement moving forward. But a couple of notes now.

1. If you're interested in reading posts by me, I still post every other Thursday at Murderati. Next post will be tomorrow Feb. 12th.

2. Check back here in March as I should be starting our monthly sweepstakes to give away ARCs to the third Jonathan Quinn novel SHADOW OF BETRAYAL!

3. Speaking of SHADOW...It will be out July 7th here in the States. And if you haven't seen the cover, here it is:

4. For those of you in the UK, it will be out July 2nd, but NOTE though the book is exactly the same, the title will be different. In the UK it'll be called THE UNWANTED. And here's that cover:

That's all for now. Hope you are all doing well.