Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My good friend Robert Gregory Browne's novel KISS HER GOODBYE is out today in paperback.

It's an non-stop thrill ride that I highly recommend.

I was lucky enough to get an early copy and I loved it! (And for you Rob fans...something to make you jealous...Rob was kind enough to give me a copy of his next novel WHISPERS IN THE DARK which doesn't come out until January. I'm only about 50 pages in, but it's great. Can't wait to get back to it.)

KISS HER GOODBYE description:

ATF Agent Jack Donovan has two ambitions: take down cult leader Alex Gunderson after years of violent mayhem, and reconnect with his daughter Jessie, who has somehow managed to slip from his life. But, none of Jack’s experience as a stellar cop or an absent father has prepared him for the unthinkable way these two parts of his life are about to collide.

In a desperate act of revenge, Gunderson kidnaps Jessie and buries her alive. But just as Jack’s team is closing in, fate intervenes in the form of a bullet and the secret to Jessie’s location is lost. With only a few precious hours of oxygen to sustain her, and with not a single clue pointing in her direction, Jessie is sure to die—unless Jack can somehow find her. But what Jack doesn’t realize is that he’s about to take a sharp turn into a world from which few of us return: the darkness of death itself.


Friday, April 25, 2008

A Winner! And A Festival! And A Hiatus.

First off, the winner of the April Sweepstakes for a signed ARC of THE DECEIVED is Erika S. from Florida! Congratulations, Erika.

Don't worry, the May sweepstakes for another copy will begin in a few weeks. So if you didn't enter or did but didn't win, you'll have another chance soon!


This weekend is the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books! Too much fun. If you are in Southern California this weekend, I'd seriously advise you check it out. I blogged about it yesterday at Murderati.

Read more here


And now Hiatus...I speeding toward a June 1st deadline, so my blogging will be light at best until then. Hell, it's been pretty light for the last couple weeks, but at least now you know the reason why. The May Sweepstakes will happen, so watch for that. And if I have anything relevant to say/share, I'll post that, too. Otherwise you'll be able to find me every other Thursday over at Murderati.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

THE DECEIVED Sweepstakes #3

Running a little late getting this started, but it's time for the April sweepstakes for an advance copy of my upcoming release, THE DECEIVED! Those of you who participated in the previous sweepstakes in February and March but didn't win, you are automatically entered. If you were one of the winners, sorry, only those who haven't won are eligible.

If you have played yet, all you have to do is:

Email me at: contest AT brettbattles DOT com

Include: your name, and the title of the favorite book you read in the last three months.

Optional...include your mailing address. If you don't and you will, I'll email you for the info.

Nothing else needed.

Deadline is 6 p.m. Pacific Coast Time on April 24th. That's right, only one week from tonight! I'll announce the winner on the 25th.

Best of luck! And don't worry if you don't win, I be having a contest in May and in June also...and if you've entered any of my sweepstakes for the launch of THE DECEIVED but haven't won, you are automatically entered in the upcoming drawings.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear President Bush

A few weeks ago you seemed surprised by the idea that gas would soon reach $4.00 a gallon. If you don't remember, here's a clip to remind you:

Well, I was driving around Los Angeles this weekend and noticed a theme that I thought I should make you aware of.

Hope these help.