Friday, April 25, 2008

A Winner! And A Festival! And A Hiatus.

First off, the winner of the April Sweepstakes for a signed ARC of THE DECEIVED is Erika S. from Florida! Congratulations, Erika.

Don't worry, the May sweepstakes for another copy will begin in a few weeks. So if you didn't enter or did but didn't win, you'll have another chance soon!


This weekend is the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books! Too much fun. If you are in Southern California this weekend, I'd seriously advise you check it out. I blogged about it yesterday at Murderati.

Read more here


And now Hiatus...I speeding toward a June 1st deadline, so my blogging will be light at best until then. Hell, it's been pretty light for the last couple weeks, but at least now you know the reason why. The May Sweepstakes will happen, so watch for that. And if I have anything relevant to say/share, I'll post that, too. Otherwise you'll be able to find me every other Thursday over at Murderati.


J.B. Thompson said...

Enjoy the Festival, Big Brother, and good luck with your deadline!

Bill Cameron said...

Happy Hiatus. When you get back, you're it. I tagged you.

See here, at you leisure, of course. Book comes first.