Monday, May 15, 2006


Big congrats to my friend J.T. Ellison, a frequent contributor here at The Sphere. Seems she gone and got herself a 3 book deal with MIRA. The announcement in Publisher’s Marketplace says it’s a “very nice deal.” Hell, isn’t anytime you get your first book contract a very nice deal? (Unless, J.T., they are throwing a ton of money at you…then it IS a very nice deal…and if you need a new best friend, I’m available.)

J.T. I couldn’t be more excited for you. Way to go.

You can catch J.T. Ellison blogging every Friday at Murderati.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's just wonderful news, JT!

What a grand and terrific way to start my week--joining in to revel in your good news!

Philip Hawley said... all the excitement, I forgot to attach my name to the above post.

Congrats again, JT!

JT Ellison said...

Goof. You already are my new best friend. I didn't know I had to pay you -- I thought the lure of tequila was enough...
Thank you for the congratulations! This has been one hell of a day, I'll tell you that!
And thanks to anonymous -- whoever you are!
Good think I typed the verification worong... there you are -- hi Philip. Thanks!!!!

JT Ellison said...

Man, do I get the prize for the typos today or what???

Sandra Ruttan said...

You get a free pass on typos today, JT.

But starting tomorrow, you will be billed $1.25 per typo to cover any typesetting adjustments when your words go into print.

Brett Battles said...

That's right, J.T. It's on page 54 of the handbook. Those little, nagging costs will eat you alive.

(Sandra, good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I read your comment, otherwise it would have been sprayed all over the place.)

JT Ellison said...

Yes, Sandra definitely wins the SPEW award today -- she's been awfully damn funny, here and on her wonderful blog -- Sandrablabber. Good show!

Sandra Ruttan said...

You know, I'm not sure I want to read any of Brett's confessions about spewing.

As for being funny, you guys give such good material to work with. Seriously, could you imagine the three of us on a panel?

Oh god. It hurts just thinking about it.

Brett Battles said...

Hey, that sounds like fun! Let's lobby for that!

(By the way, got an email from the Bouchercon folks. They'd received my payment, but somehow didn't have the registraction form to go with it so they didn't know who I was. Had to fill out a new form so I think all is okay. The kicker, though...I paid and registered in December of last year.)

Sandra Ruttan said...

Brett, same thing with me, only the funny thing is, I was emailed in April confirming they had my registration form and I was listed registered on the website already.

I still have to go fill out that form.

Yeah, the three of us on a panel...Ohhh, we should lobby for that!

jamie ford said...

Incredible news! Great job JT! Congrats.

M. G. Tarquini said...

The comment thread in this blog has been hijacked for a Public Service Announcement re: J.T. Ellison:



I now return you to Brett Battles blog.

Sorry, Brett. Sandra sent me over, then I read the post and well...I couldn't wait to be excited for J.T.


Brett Battles said...

No worries, M.G. You are always welcome to stop by and highjack the thread at any time.

And Jamie, thanks for stopping by. (After checking out your site, I think we have a similar day job...I also work in motion graphics...but as a project manager, not a designer.)

Sandra Ruttan said...

Oh Brett, you have no idea what you're allowing. Marquini foot fetishist! And funny as hell. You have to watch out, she acts all innocent and has a picture like a realtor, but she's a wild woman!