Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cornelia Read

Stopped back in at the Mystery Bookstore last evening to say hi to Cornelia Read and get my copy of A Field of Darkness signed. Unfortunately I wasn't going to be able to stay for her discussion, but I was hopeful that I could grab a moment or two of her time prior to her talk.

And I was in luck. We spotted each other as soon as I walked in and had a great, albeit quick, conversation. Got the book signed and made my exit. I sure that the event went off great. There were already several folks crowding into the store.

Thanks, Cornelia!


Sandra Ruttan said...

That's so awesome. I can't wait to meet Cornelia.

It'll be cheaper than the phone bills, I'm sure.

Aldo said...

I just must have missed ya. Pics on my site.

Brett Battles said...

Went early. Couldn't stay for the main event. Sorry I missed you. How was the discussion?

Phil Hawley said...

I was greatly disappointed to miss Cornelia's signing. Had to work longer than expected on Saturday--oh well.

Everyone seems to agree on two things. Cornelia is a huge new talent on the mystery scene (can't wait to read her book, and I only regret that it will be an unsigned copy). But just as noteworthy, it seems, is her big-hearted nature--her appearances in the blogsphere paint the picture of a wonderfully kind and generous soul.

In her kindness, Cornelia seems not unlike the growing community of Brettophiles who inhabit this blog.

angie said...

Cornelia Read is just the best. And her book totally kicks ass, too. My husband got really, really tired of me interrupting whatever he happened to be doing to read some of her bon mots aloud. He finally told me to shut the fuck up and finish the book so he could read it for himself.

Cornelia Read said...

Hey there, Brett--

What a PLEASURE it was to meet you and the kids!!! Thank you so much for posting about the signing, and for coming out. Can't wait to go see Aldo's pictures, but just wish there were photoshop in real life!

And thank you for the very kind comments here, you guys--you are just awesome and it means a lot to me to know the world has such very kind and thoughtful people in it!