Monday, August 06, 2007

A Busy Summer

Sorry haven't been around. And I'm not going to promise to be around that much in the near future either, but I'll give it a try. Things have been crazy what with the book coming out, Thrillerfest, a couple trips out of town, etc.

Wanted to share a few links to stuff you may have missed:

Took the Page 69 Test here:

Story in my old hometown paper (haven't lived there many, many years, so it was great that they ran this): The Daily Independent

A nice review on John Ling's Blog


spyscribbler said...

Great links. I can't imagine what it's like to live in LA, but DH lived there before he moved across the country to live with me, LOL. He's never forgiven me!

Summer is busy! I hope you're having a good one!

John Ling said...

Thanks for the linkup, Brett.

I got more jolts of excitement out of The Cleaner than any other novel I've read recently. I'm very much looking forward to the sequel.

All the best! =)

Anonymous said...

Love the updated blog and website. Looks great. Good luck with all the promotion. You've got a great book so I have no doubt it will do well.

Anonymous said...

Brett, that is super. Just wanted to pass on some good news. Your book is being sold in the PX, here in Germany. Way to go.

angie said...

Yay! You're not dead! :)

Figured you were busy, but glad to know you're, y'know, still around.

Jennifer said...

I am downloading you, I mean your book, off of Itunes right now! It's the coolest thing! YAY!

Bill Cameron said...

I read a rumor on the internets that you wrote a book. Now, I see from your blog, that it's true! ;)