Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Blog Inspiration #1 - Brotherhood 2.0

During 2007, did you follow Brotherhood 2.0? If not, you miss a hell of a lot of fun. For a year, brothers John and Hank Green decided not to have any written communications for a year, and decided instead to create a videoblog, each posting videos to the other on alternating days.

What presumably started out as a small experiment turned into something huge. They ended up creating a large community that tuned in every day to see what was next, a community of fellow Nerd Fighters The whole year of video communication is still up there, so you can go back and sample some or all of the videos. They really have videoblogging down to an art.

But now that the year is over, the daily posts will no longer continue. That makes the whole Nerd Fighter nation (myself included) sad. The good news is that I believe there will be weekly post, so John and Hank are not completely leaving the vidblog scene.

One of the things that really shows the community that they created is the Happy Dance project. You all know what a happy dance's the dance you do when something wonderful happens. Well, Brotherhood 2.0 faithful sent John and Hank videos of their own happy dances after seeing John (I think it was John) doing his own happy dance. Those videos where cut together and put to music then posted to YouTube. It brings a smile to my face every time I watch, partly because it's silly and fun, but partly because it demonstrates the power of creating a world wide community, a community that I'm pretty sure John and Hank had no idea they were going to create when they set out on this path.

So, in celebration of John and Hank achieving the goals set out at the beginning of Brotherhood 2.0, I give you the Happy Dance Project:

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