Saturday, May 23, 2009

May's Sweepstakes Winners, and June Sweeps Open!

Congratulations to Leena H. and Patricia G. winners of this month's sweepstakes for a free advanced copy of my new novel, SHADOW OF BETRAYAL.

But fear not! I am now accepting entries for June's sweepstakes, and if you've already entered for either April or May, you are already entered for June!

Get those entries in.

Deadline: June 26th

Send entries to contest at brettbattles dot com with SOB sweepstakes in the subject line, and your name in the body of the message.

Best of luck to all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Brett,

I've just finished reading The Deceived (finally got hold of a copy!!) and I have to say it was excellent! Here in the UK I do have trouble locating books by some American authors such as yourself and Alex Berenson. Alex's third John Wells novel still nowhere to be seen on our bookshelves. Hopefully The Unwanted will be easier to find! Keep it up!


Steve said...

Brett, how did the book signing go? Wish I could have been there.