Thursday, July 28, 2011

Looking for Reviewers for THE PULL OF GRAVITY

At some point in the next two weeks, my new book THE PULL OF GRAVITY will be ready to go on sale at Amazon,, and other ebook retailers. So I'm looking for 30+ people who would like to receive a free copy of the book in exchange for a review posted on Amazon and wherever else you can (such as,, DorthyL, etc.) The book will be sent to you around the same time it will go on sale, so as soon as you are able to finish reading it, you'll be able to post your reviews.

Now before you rush to say yes, note that THE PULL OF GRAVITY isn't like my other books...meaning, it's not a thriller. While there is a mystery involved, it is really more of a (for lack of a better term) lit novel. Writers are often intrigued by the fringes of society, and I'm no different. THE PULL OF GRAVITY is about a former Navy man named Jay who fell into an unplanned life that became very difficult to leave. It's a story of love and hate and tragedy and redemption set in the almost surreal world of the go-go bars in the Philippines. If at first the idea of this puts you off, I challenge you to push yourself and give it a try. I'm pretty sure THE PULL OF GRAVITY will suck you in.

So...who's in?


Alex Clark said...

You know I'm in! Love your stuff and can't get enough. Contact me or DM me for info. Would love to review your latest work. Thanks

Alex Clark

Holly West said...

I'll do it, Brett.

Kirby said...

Posted on FB also, but always glad to do this for you, Brett!

Richard Prosch said...

Hey Brett,

I'm in. I'll DM you via Twitter.

Brett Battles said...

Alex,'re in! Thanks. I need to know what format works best for you: Kindle, epub or pdf. When you get a moment email me what works best at:


Brett Battles said...


Brett Battles said...

Kirby...see my note on FB.

Thanks Richard!

Anonymous said...

I will. :-)

Felicia Tiller-Sullivan

Anonymous said...

Brett - please send me a copy so Rena and I can review this as it's so different from your other works, which we so enjoy.
Mike Kane

Brett Battles said...

Felicia...see my response to you on FB.

Mike, can you email me your preferred file type? Kindle, epub, pdf? You'll find my email address above in the comments (but I think you already have it. :) )

Anonymous said...

I'd love to!

April Karlberg (yea, not anon but I didn't know how to post w/o signing up for the blog, LOL)

Violet said...

I'd love to see what new ideas & characters might evolve in your new book, nothing like seeing a writer move out of their comfort zone & explore ! I'll DM you on twitter :)

gene hill said...

Posted on FB and here, will be glad to give it a try

Sarah said...

I'm so excited!! :)

Frank t. said...

Mr. Battles,
I have enjoyed reading your work ever since I picked up the cleaner. I would love the opportunity to read and review this novel...I would prefer Kindle.

Brett Battles said...

You got it, Frank T. Please send me your email address to:


I'll send it out after August 8th.

Killshot978 said...

I Would like to read it. Love the Quinn books so I will sink my teeth in the new venture too

Brett Battles said...

Killshot...send me your email address and preferred file type (Kindle, epub or pdf) and I'll get it to you next week. (My email address is in the above comments somewhere.)

Unknown said...

I am in..would love to check out your other style. Sounds intriguing.

Having lived in the PI and growing up in South East Asia very interested in the story.