Tuesday, March 06, 2012

BECOMING QUINN Free for Kindle March 6th - 8th

BECOMING QUINN is the origin story for cleaner Jonathan Quinn from my award winning Jonathan Quinn series, and is FREE in the Kindle Store from Tuesday March 6th through Thursday March 8th!

What's a cleaner you ask? Quite simply, he's the one who makes the bodies disappear.

Here's a description of the book:

Most careers begin with an interview and a handshake. Others require a little … something more.

Meet Jake Oliver. The day will come when he's one of the best cleaners in the business, a man skilled at making bodies disappear.

At the moment, however, he’s a twenty-two year old rookie cop, unaware his life is about to change.

In a burning barn a body is found—and the fire isn't the cause of death. The detectives working the case have a pretty good idea about what went down.

But Officer Oliver thinks it’s something else entirely, and pursues a truth others would prefer remain hidden—others who will go to extreme lengths to keep him quiet.

Every identity has an origin. This is Quinn’s.

Pick up a copy at the Kindle Store now. You can't beat the price!

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Breanne said...

Is this only available on kindle now? I thought I saw it available on Kobo a few months ago but I can't find it anymore. And the smashwords link no longer works...