Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bouchercon Pictures!!

Madison is a beautiful city. Though I wasn't able to see much, what I did see was worth a trip back someday. The conference hotel was right across the street from the capitol building. On Saturday morning, there was a great farmers market that circled the entire building...vegetables, cheese, bakery goods, you name it. People walked around it counter-clockwise...which, of course, was why I walked in a clockwise direction. Easier to people watch that way.

Proof that I was actually there.

Robert Gregory Browne, Phil Hawley, and Marc Lecard all ready for action

Crimespree Party

Joe Konrath and David Morrell

James Born

Me with fellow Bantam Dell author Sean Doolittle...who is too tall for his own good

Phil Hawley getting in a little "Phil" time

Marcus Sakey explaining the ins and outs of novel writing to Rob F. and Bill Cameron

Rob and I working protection for the lovely and talented Tasha Alexander

Here I am with the nicest person in the wolrd, Shane Gericke

And finally, this one's for Tasha's and my agent Anne. Wish you could have been here!

After looking at these pictures...apparently I have only one expression. Oh, well...at least it's not a frown.

I'll have a few more photos up at the Killer Year Blog on Thursday, if all goes well!


mai wen said...

Yay Pictures!

mai wen said...

Are you sure that's All of the pictures? I was expecting/hoping for some incriminating photos that I could use against you at a later time...

Brett Battles said...

I firmly deny any incriminating pictures exist. Those that do have obviously been photoshop'd, so do not pay any attention to them...

I'm sticking to this story.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Funny. I have pictures of you up on my blog today. ;)

angie said...

Yup. Sandra's pics of you were much more, ah, interesting. Looks/sounds like you had a blast oh man-of-few-facial-expressions!

Rob Gregory Browne said...

Dude, you almost look sober in those photos.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

You look FABULOUS, dah-link! FABULOUS!

Of course, I figured you must have learned your lesson from Thrillerfest and comported yourself like the sober and scholarly gentleman that you are.

Oh, wait, I just saw Sandra's pics of you. I take that back.

Brett Battles said...

Sandra...I swear if I open my door some day and John Connolly is standing there...!

Ah, thanks, Angie. Especially for the comment on Sandra's blog.

Rob, if you'll remember correctly, I ALWAYS went back to my room to sleep hours before you did. (And, no, that doesn't mean I was drinking faster or more in a shorter amount of time.)

Thanks, Mr. Blackmore. I think.

Bill Cameron said...

I'm just glad, at long last, someone was able to explain this newfangled "ritin'" to me. Even if it was someone with dangerously good hair.

And, yeah, I think Rob is on to something. How did you manage this faux sobriety look?

Tasha Alexander said...

Just wanted to say that I felt very well-protected with you and Rob. In fact, I think you're my go-to guys when I need protection. ;)

Brett Battles said...

Bill, I can not reveal that information at this point.

Tasha...and I think I also speak for Rob when I say this...any time.

anne frasier said...

brett, it was great meeting you in madison!!

Brett Battles said...

Great meeting you, too, Anne! And thanks for saving my life.

Rob said...

Man, the back of that Rob F. guy's head is sexy!

Truth is, Marcus wasn't talking about writing; he was explaining the process he goes through every morning to get his hair to look so good. The machine he described was something straight out of Kafka. Ouch!

It was great meeting you at B-Con, Brett. Your book sounds super cool. Can't wait to read it.

Brett Battles said...
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Brett Battles said...

Rob...sexy?...not so sure about that. I used the "F." as a last minute replacement for the nickname I was going to use that you love so well. (I was too lazy to go to the b'con site and look up the actual spelling.)

Great meeting you, too. Hope to see you at more of these, soon with a book of your own on its way to the shelves!