Friday, October 13, 2006

A father's love for his son

There's little I can add to this story, except that it actually made me cry. Not just a little bit, but so much I had to shut the door to my office for a moment.

It's not a sad story. It's story of love.

You can read it here.

And you can see it here:


Tanginika-Simone said...

Amazing, isn't it? I think how we are able to express and live the deep love for our children magnifies in situations like yours and like the one in the video clip. Thanks for posting it.

anne frasier said...

what an amazing and wonderful story.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Really, just ... wow.

Incredible, amazing, inspiring.

Thanks so much for sharing this.

M. G. Tarquini said...

This is terrific. And thanks Tanginika.

mai wen said...

I saw them on Oprah (I probably should have added her to my guilty pleasure list on Bill Cameron's blog...)

Really touching story about a father that wouldn't give up on his son and that would sacrafice anything for him, and it ends up his son improved his life and health drastically. The Doctors told the father that if he hadn't started excercising so diligently then he probably would have had a heart attack in like a year or something. (I'm getting this all from memory from the show, so my info might be a tad off, but you get the gist).

Thanks for the clip. Do you need some kleenex?

Brett Battles said...

Thanks Tanginika-Simone for bringing this story to my attention.

Anne, J.B., and M.G. you're absolutely right

Mai, it was very touching, and I tell you, I had to break out the paper towels! (could have definitly used some kleenex!)

This story had an extra punch for me as my own son has Down Syndrome, and I know that for him life will never be like the one the rest of us know.

mai wen said...

One of my friends in high school's sister had down syndrome and I tell you, I admire parents of children with down syndrome because I know it's a challenge, but a wonderful challenge that I know most parents wouldn't trade for anything!

Jippy said...

You made Christmas for my little guy. He wants a red bicycle. I wasn't sure how it would work out. It took me a few tries to see the entire video. I cried so much and then I vowed to work it out. So we'll be doing circles around the Rose Bowl to get ready for his shiny new red bike. Just like this story, I am sure it will be good for me too!

Brett Battles said...

You're right, Mai, a bit of a challenge, but most of the time it's a joy as he is almost always in a happy mood, and finds humor in everything (including when you're trying to talk serious to him.)

Yah, Jennifer!! Glad I could help your son out. : ) Actually the thanks should really go to Tanginika-simone as she was the one who initially posted this.

Rob Gregory Browne said...

What an amazing story. I'm in tears.