Monday, March 19, 2007

How Could I Miss This?

Steven Hockensmith's ON THE WRONG TRACK is out in bookstores now! And actually has been for two weeks. My excuse(s) for my tardiness? Been finishing the draft of Book 2 (should be done this week), and I was major sick last week with the flu...those excuses also work for why this blog has lain dormant for a while.

But get Steve's book. It is even better than the Edgar nominated HOLMES ON THE RANGE, which some of you might remember I absolutely loved. There's nothing like these books out there. I love them because they are not only a great change from my usual reading, but also because Steve is a FANTASTIC writer.


Steve Hockensmith said...

Awww, shucks, Brett. Thanks for the kind words. And thanks for bringing your brood out to my signing at the L.A. Mystery Bookstore Saturday. You single-handedly doubled attendance!


Jeff Shelby said...

Couldn't agree more. Holmes On The Range was recommended to me by the ladies at Murder By The Book in Denver and it was one of the coolest books I read last yr. Can't wait to read the new one.

spyscribbler said...

I was wondering how things were going for you. I'm glad you're better, and good luck with the final stretch of the draft!

I need to look Holmes on the Range and On the Wrong Track up tomorrow!

Brett Battles said...

No problem, Steve. It was great catching up with you and Mystery Dawg!

Jeff, you're absolutely right...and On the Wrong Track is even cooler!

Spy, you will LOVE these books. No question.

Anonymous said...

Holmes on the Range was a great read. Looking forward to the new story.