Monday, March 05, 2007

Stories, Stories Everywhere!!

The Third Blog Short Story Project is up! This is Bryon Quertermous and Dave White's baby. And what fun it is!! Read through them as you have the opportunity!

Bryon Quertermous - "I Am Not Paul Avery"
Dave White - "The Best Blog Story...Ever"
JT Ellison - "Bits and Pieces"
David J. Montgomery - "AmberSki77"
JD Rhoades - "Flame War"
John Rickards - "Your Friends"
Pari Noskin Taichert - "The Cat's Meow"
Bill Crider - The Sunshine of My Wife
Daniel Hatadi - "Dumped"
Stephen Allan - "Take That, You Prick"
John DuMond - "The Truth Hurts"
Paul Guyot - "As I Lay Dying"
Patricia Abbott - "RE: University Protocol on Incidents of Student Plagiarism"
Mike MacLean - "How Does It Feel?"
Christa M. Miller - Blogging a Fantasy
Stephen D. Rogers - "Comments Enabled"
Karen E. Olson - "Smoking Gun"
Gerald So - Confession of a Spenser Fan
Anthony Rainone - "Burning Down The House"

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