Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It is with GREAT pleasure, and EVEN GREATER excitement that I celebrate today the launch of my very, very good friend Phil Hawley's debut novel STIGMA.

I've read STIGMA and it's fantastic. Great characters, great plot, and the beginning of a great career.

I'm heading out today to get my copy. What about you??


tammy sparks said...

Congrats, Phil! This must be a pretty exciting day for you... Just to let you know, I went to the Burbank Barnes & Noble this morning, to buy my copy, only to discover that STIGMA wasn't on the shelves yet. The guy I talked to was very helpful, I have to say. He went to the back and opened the box himself and came back with an armful of STIGMAs. Now they are prominently displayed near the front entrance. Here's to lots of happy sales...

Brett Battles said...

My grand plan went awry when I arrived at B&N at lunch and they hadn't received their copies yet. I'll bet they had the box in back. The person helping me didn't seem overly enthusiastic, so probably didn't want to check. I'll go back before the end of the week.