Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Battles and Browne Talk Writing

My good friend and fellow author Robert Gregory Browne and I have started something we hope a lot of you will enjoy. Every two weeks (and possibly more often as we get going), we will be posting podcasts about writing and the writing world. Sometimes we'll talk about the nuts and bolts, sometimes we'll interview other authors, and sometimes who knows. Should be a lot of fun.

And today, our very first podcast is up! You can hear it here at our new website Rob designed specifically for this -

This weeks episode is called Character is King. You'll also notice a link on the main page where you can email us questions. We'll be answering as many as we can during upcoming podcasts. So go check it out and let us know what you think!


Mark Terry said...

It's good. Thanks.

Jippy said...

"and nuclear physics" Brett, That was so funny!
Very inspiring podcast and damn if you didn't make cleaning up dead bodies sound sexy. A couple of characters talking about characterization.... You and Robert Gregory Brown......Two Yums up!

Steve G said...

Super Podcast, I enjoyed it.