Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fair Warning

First, watch out for buffet scrambled eggs...I've never gotten food poisoning until Tuesday night, and here it is Thursday and I'm still not 100% right yet. Ugh...but I'm getting there. Plus side: forced diet for the last 48 hours!

BUT MORE IMPORTANT: I just received my ARCs of THE DECEIVED! So it is almost time for our first sweepstakes to win a copy. Watch for details. Warn your friends. I think we'll kick things off next month.

And if you don't win, no worries...I'm planning on having a sweepstakes a month!


Angela/SciFiChick said...

I'll have my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Brett, great to hear. I'll send out emails when you post about it.

Anonymous said...

You know you can always tell when eggs go bad they're the ones with the leather jackets, cigarettes and tattoos. Just avoid those at future buffets and you should be fine ;). Glad that you are feeling better.