Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Artistic Inspiration #1

One of my biggest dreams is to learn how to paint and draw. Unfortunately a big obsticle I'll have to surmount is the fact that I suck at drawing. But someday, I swear, I'm going to take a painting class and just go for it.

Sadly, because of that lack of drawing skill, I know I'll never be able to really paint the type of art I love. Mainly illustration based. I'm not just talking about cartoons or manga or animie, though there is some fantastic work being done in those realms I enjoy very much, but I'm also talking about illustration beyond the pages of a cartoon book or graphic novel.

Recently, I stumbled upon the art of James Jean.

You can check out his website here.

Browse through his illustrations (the links are on the left side on his home page.) There's an amazing quailty to what he does. I get lost in each image, and as I stare at them, I can't help but to start coming up with story ideas. Many, of course, are based directly on what I'm looking at, but many are not. These are the ideas freed in my mind by the images James has created.

It's not just James Jean's work that does this to me, other illustrators also do the same. But I have to say I am definitely drawn to works that have similar otherwordly qualities like his work.

He has a book out, too!

Process Recess 2: Portfolio
Consider that a hidden gift idea within this Inspiration. (Note to close friends, I do not own this book myself, but boy would I like a copy...hint, hint...)

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