Wednesday, December 05, 2007


So my virtual silence (read the double meaning) over the last several months has been noticed by at least 2 of you. A combo of a lot going on outside the world of the Internet, and a bit of blog burn out (i.e., what am I going to write now.)

Well, I've finally got it figured out. This blog is entitle A Writer's Sphere, and, damn it, that's just what it is. My sphere. My world. What makes me tick.

I'm going to write and post whatever I feel like. I'm going to share things that inspire me, and help stir my own creativity. I'll post thoughts when I have something to share, and also some news about upcoming releases and signings and appearances and all that. I'll even have special post series...for instance, this month I'm going to also post gift ideas for you to consider this holiday season.

Also (as if that's not going to be enough), you'll be hearing more from me elsewhere than just here at the good old AWS after the new year. More on that later.

Without further ado, I'M BACK.


spyscribbler said...

Cool, Brett! (Btw, love the one-woman band girl!)

Got any gift ideas that don't cost any money? LOL ...

Anonymous said...

Thank you. From all of us with no lives, living vicariously through you and your super cool and glamorous life there in Hollywood, we thank you for blogging once again.
And gift ideas too? It's a Christmas miracle :).

Rob said...

Good to hear. As THE CLEANER was one of the best books I read in 2008 (let alone best debut), I'm glad to see you are back into the blogosphere. I would have noticed your absence along with the other two folks, but I was on hiatus myself.

Will we hear more from you on Battles & Browne as well?

Rob said...

Oops. I meant 2007. I'm already getting ahead of myself. Sheesh.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

My god! He's alive!