Thursday, December 06, 2007

News - Short Story

For those of you jones for the next Quinn story (THE DECEIVED due June 24th), SURPRISE! You don't have to wait that long.

I have a new short story entitled JUST ANOTHER JOB on Authorlinks' Celebwire, and it's a Quinn story. Check it out here, just scroll down until you see my mug or the cover of THE CLEANER.

UPDATE: The link works now. After you get to the download page, you'll see a rectangle button to the right that says DOWNLOAD STORY NOW. Click there, and you're set! If you're still having problems, try refreshing your page. That's worked for a few folks, too.


spyscribbler said...

I clicked where it said, I entered my email where it said, but then I got to the "Story Download Page" with your Cleaner cover, (but the short story title), and the only think I can click on is the amazon link to The Cleaner.

I swear I'm not a technoidiot. Well, maybe.

Brett Battles said...


I just tried it and had the same problem. I've emailed them to see what's up. Stay tune for updates!

Anonymous said...

Brett, it has been awhile since I stopped by. Glad I did. I see you are posting again. I downloaded Just Another Job. Great short. Can't wait for the new book to come out.